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The Team
September 10, 2018 | News | The Team

We launched a new e-commerce website!

Thank you for visiting our new website and e-commerce platform! Take a look around our new site and be sure to check out our current selection. We have added new pages to our site too - Events, News and Recipes to name a few. When we have special events and pourings, we will post information on these on our Events page. Our News page here is where you will find more to Red Stitch than just your typical social media. We will share stories about our blends, bottlings and write about our post-event experiences. Lastly, our Recipes page is for you to review receipes our families are making and the wines we pair with them. Enjoy Red Stitch around your table with family and friends!

We did not change how to stay in contact. If you'd like to be updated on what we are doing and receive occasional correspondences about our wine releases, events and more please sign up for our mailing list! ~ Cheers!


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