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The Team
October 22, 2018 | The Team

2018 Red Stitch Fall Classic

As we celebrate Dave and the LA Dodgers’ NLCS win and their trip to the 2018 World Series over here, we also celebrate the Napa Valley harvest.

Each October as the long summer slowly fades into fall, we wait for the magical words from our winemaker. After months of caring for and observing the vineyards, the words come, “it’s time to harvest.” The valley comes alive with the thrill of this years Cabernet fruit.  Cabernet will sometimes take longer to reach its full maturation, often going all the way into November before being picked.  Longer hang-time means richer, denser fruit.

Late-harvest means that the fruit has been given a longer period of time on the vine, allowing for the grapes to ripen and produce higher concentrated sugars. Last year, horrific fires came into our valley and surrounding areas but luckily, harvest had been recently completed and many vines escaped its wrath.

Given that the Napa Valley Cab harvest begins later than our other varietals, it just means we here at Red Stitch get to watch the best of baseball with a glass of wine before we get back to work. Here's to the best of seasons. Go Dave!!


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